Max’s Quick Pickled Turnips

After smelling Max’s pickled turnips I didn’t want to taste them. After tasting them I insisted he teach me the recipe. Good ratio of tastiness to easiness.


  • Turnips, as many as you want to pickle, diced
  • Optional: radishes, ginger
  • Distilled white vinegar, enough to cover the turnips 1/2 way
  • Sugar
  • Salt




Dice your turnips into bitesize pieces (you can be creative with the shapes and sizes here!).


Mix together equal volumes of water and vinegar and sugar (actually I like to use a little less sugar, maybe water:vinega:sugar = 4:4:3, how sweet do you want your pickles to be). You should make enough mixture to, surprise surprise, cover the turnips (and optionally ginger slices and diced radish) in whatever jar you have. Now cover them and leave them outside of the fridge for between 1 and 2 days at which point they are ready to eat. Store in fridge from this point.

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